About Manos

Manos was born in 1974 in Athens, Greece. He is a structural engineer, having graduated the University of Patras. He received the first prize from the Technical Chamber of Greece for his graduation thesis in 2000 (shared with one more engineer’s thesis on another subject).

Manos works on a wide variety of projects from buildings and bridges to stadiums and tunnels using reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, structural steel and composite materials. He has also worked on real estate evaluation.

Manos has participated, by developing software and contributing to the theoretical part, in two European Union funded research programs with a length of more than three years each: MEMSCON, which is about structural real-time monitoring and real-time assessment of buildings and MONICO, a similar project for tunnels.

His general interests include computers (GNU/Linux, programming – developing the open source structural design program JOOS), classical and modern physics, music (play the piano and keyboards), sports (football-soccer, basketball, cycling), chess and landscape photography.